Paper Monument is a non-profit art press intent on presenting smart, serious writing that is accessible to a wide audience. Through our books and journal of contemporary art, we explore topics often overlooked by mainstream journalism. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Paper Monument is published by the n+1 Foundation and designed by Project Projects.

Selected Press

“This is the book to read on the subway while on your way to the Whitney Biennial.”
—Dwight Garner, New York Times

“[Paper Monument] sets a new standard for arts journals, which tend to be either shallow and glossy or laborious, academic reads.”
—Eric Kelsey, Utne Reader

“The journal gives a fresh slant on art and the art world, and although it exists within that context, it insists on poking, prodding, and puncturing its surface intelligently..”
—Heather Rowe, Artforum Top Ten
“…blessedly avoids art journalese”
—New York Magazine Approval Matrix

“…directly addresses the foibles, hopes, neuroses and other manifestations of messy subjectivity that usually get hidden behind the white-painted walls of all those post-industrial buildings converted into galleries…”
—Dan Fox, Frieze Editors’ Blog

“Its tone shifts from fine, scrupulous ironies, expressed with an almost Edwardian decorum … to satisfyingly alienating academicese … to discordant Yiddish locutions and words from another era … to raw, vigorous, right-on-the-money prose …”
—Lee Siegel, New York Sun

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